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Registration FAQs

How do I join the club

To join the club you must firstly submit a player registration online and then complete your registration meeting with our club administrator to make payments or she can email you worldpay payment llinks

What info do I need?

You must have a valid email address to register and also have the following information at hand

Player Photograph


All players need to upload a recent ‘passport type’ photograph of the player to be registered. Pictures should be of portrait layout and taken on a white or light background, as the example shown on the right.Only CLEAR FACE PICS as JPEG or PNG format images on a LIGHT BACKGROUND are allowed by the league, NO PDFS or HOLIDAY PICS!

Please save as JPEG or PNG file ideally 450 x 600px saved at 72dpi and under 1MB file size.

The simplest way to obtain a  suitable photo is to take one using your phone against a light background and email it to yourself  ready to upload.

Proof of Identity

To prove all players age so they can be associated to the team, we must collect a copy of either the players passport or birth certificate inline with league rules.

One again the simplest way to obtain a suitable photo is to take one using your phone and email it to yourself  ready to upload.

Other Required Information

1. Player details – including details of any medical needs
2. Parent / Guardian details  – where applicable and Emergency contact details.
3. Fee & Payment Information – Including standing order information

Any incomplete registration will result in an incomplete application and your registration WILL NOT BE processed.

Are my payment details held online?

No payment details are taken or held online and taken manually at the Open Days along with required signatures. You only asked for what your preferred payment options will be, so we can prepare paperwork.

Is my information safe?

This site uses a SSL Certificate to offer secure communications by encrypting all data to and from the site.

How do I update my submitted details?

Once you have set up your account you can edit your details at any time by using your username & password, to access the My Account page.

I have forgotten my username and/or password, how can I reset them?

If you have forgotten your account password you can reset it here. You will need a valid email address to reset your password.

I can’t do it, I need help?

Please  contact our office for more assistance.