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The Club

Playing in the Timperley & District Junior Football League, and the Altrincham Youth League, Broadheath Central Football Club is based in Broadheath, Altrincham. Formed in 1998, it has now grown to be one of the largest and most successful clubs in Trafford, with over 650members and 50+ teams.

At Broadheath we pride ourselves on our coaching philosophy.  Having introduced a Football Development Officer in 2014 we have subsequently introduced an approach to coaching more in tune with the European approach of ball control, technique, space awareness, self-learning and of course fun.

At Broadheath , we stream the players from Year 4 however it is important to recognize that this decision is  not based on producing a ‘best’ team and an ‘other’ team.  We have thoughtfully taken this approach as we strongly feel that players will develop more when competing/training with players of like ability.  A more developed player will not learn from playing with lesser developed players – and vice versa.  By streaming, every player will grow together and not be ‘out of their depth’ or ‘held back’.  They will be challenged at their level and encouraged to progress.